Friday, April 30, 2010

10-mile weekend.


it's the weekend. officially.

and this weekend kicked off with a visit to see joel for my hair. always good times; love the guy. before i left he gave me a load of nice pine hangers from the previous shop owner. now a major task for the weekend: swapping out hangers. i wonder how many clothes i can get rid of again. that always feels good.

also on this weekend's agenda:
  • humanitarian aid service project--tying quilts
  • bbq--sports and food, duh
  • 10-mile run in alameda--another race route run
  • writing an itinerary for a family visit next week
  • making a grammar and writing self-study syllabus
good stuff, wouldn't you agree? i think i'll paint my nails hot pink, too--to match my toes, naturally.

i hope you find yourself enjoying the weekend.

love truly,
katie kate
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