Monday, July 21, 2014

tevas instead of a jersey cow--

it's unlikely i'll find a gorgeous, caramel-coloured jersey calf with a bright, royal navy blue bow tied around her neck in my apartment for my birthday so i've settled for a trip to paris and a pair of tevas. 


yeah, tevas. and here's why:

it is tradition for the mr. and me to steal away for my birthday weekend and this year we are heading west to june lake, a lovely little town a blink outside of yosemite's eastern border. we will be camping, swimming, hiking, and crawling behind waterfalls. hiking in sneakers is a drag when it's warm and sunny so i decided i would treat myself to a pair of tevas--the original sport sandal from 1984. i was hoping for a pair in a subtle hue but the online teva store, amazon and zappos were all out of urban 2 brown and peaks teal* in my size. bummer. but hey, colour is fun, and why not be a little splashy? it will be my birthday, after all. and what's a birthday without a new pair of shoes? (answer--a very sad birthday. and i'm still sad about not getting a jersey calf to name mariposa. cute name for a jersey calf, right?)

images courtesy of 

they're not as bad as i remember, especially the colour and prints. i kinda totally absolutely love the blank stare of the original sandal in white. i'm picturing it getting dirty and dusty after trails and streams and loving the idea of it even more. 

*amazon had peaks teal in the size above mine so i ordered it just in case the sandal runs large.

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