Wednesday, October 16, 2013

my wedding: in a word--magical.

wedding wednesday
volume 4  |  chapter 21

1 bride
1 groom
2 rings
1 flower girl
2 families
1 reverend
1 lit lamppost
40 donuts, 12 donut holes
72 votive candles
1 wedding bouquet
3.5 months of planning
1 custom-made dress
1 j.crew suit
some joyful tears
1 photographer to capture the day's moments
intimate guest list of those we love and who love and support us
skies perfectly overcast and gray, a little mist and drizzle here and there
1 dance as husband and wife

it was truly the best day. from the perfect weather to my dress to seeing my handsome hubs-to-be waiting for me as i walked down the aisle; from family and loved ones surrounding us in support to all the happy and crying children; from classic local donuts to the homemade programs; from all the beautiful flowers and the lit lamppost; from the church bells tolling at just the right moments as a sign of affirmation to applause and cheers from our cozy crowd; from the gorgeous market square to walking through downtown fredericksburg, virginia with friends chanting behind us to the restaurant and bar goers "they're just married!"; to ending the day together with a medium everything pizza and an episode of the walking dead in our giant king size bed back at the bed and breakfast. 

photos by thomas rodriguez

they say the day goes by quickly and it does. by the time we arrived at the inn, after walking the 5-6 blocks through downtown, even passing back through market square and taking in the evening scene, i couldn't believe the day was over. i didn't want to take off my fancy dress and pretty shoes, nor did i want to put my spectacular wedding bouquet down. i wanted to hold onto those feelings and moments of romance and prettiness forever. i was in heaven after such a fun, blessed and idyllic day. 

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