Tuesday, October 15, 2013

a change in life direction (and a promise to post wedding photos)--

one of my favourite pre-wedding moments was meeting my florist, jane guerin. she is a charming, southern gem exploding with floral vision.

on a rainy afternoon, after sending my hubs-to-be out for a coffee break, i stood in jane's adorable shop in fredericksburg, virginia, surrounded by bins of flowers. she walked me back and forth, excitedly, her little fresh and fragrant workspace pointing out the stems that would be part of my wedding bouquet and noting special features she adored about the blossom.

being in her shop, feeling her enthusiasm, hearing her exclaim about our mutual inspiration, saipua, was thrilling and inspiring. i later told her, on my wedding day when she dropped off my flowers at the richard johnston inn, that i wanted to move in and apprentice under her with the intent to manage her shop when she retired. she loved the idea. a flower shop of my own? swoon. maybe someday. (i even have work and project ideas for my hubs. fredericksburg: small, cozy town; lots of opportunity for young, creative couples.)

my wedding bouquet in jane's shop; image courtesy of jane guerin

p.s. i'll post some sneak peek photos of my wedding day and gush the swoony details tomorrow for wedding wednesday. in a word, the day was truly magical and i wouldn't change a thing.

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