Monday, June 23, 2014

i want a jersey cow for my birthday.

jersey cows are the prettiest. and i've wanted one for the longest time. their coats are the colour of warm caramel, soft and smooth to the touch. their eyelashes are long and glamourous. their eyes are big, beautiful, inquisitive, and gentle. they milk for clover milk and are happy cows grazing the lush green hillsides of the north bay. 

they're such a pretty creature. 

i've been leaving subtle hints like emails with pictures and the words "i want a jersey cow for my birthday" for my hubs for over a year now. i wonder when i'll get one... someday soon? 

images courtesy of coffee bar, via facebook

i long for my [someday] farm. of afternoons spent walking the hillsides along the paths carved by cow hooves. of mornings drenched in dew and dotted spiderwebs. of evenings catching fireflies. of collecting eggs in the afternoon during a break from ride-mowing the lawn. of weeding the garden and making dinner from our own harvest. of fresh air and big skies, rainbows and stormy clouds. of inspiration and creativity flying from my fingertips.

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