Monday, October 22, 2012

i would like to have a cow.

after visiting mcclelland's dairy on saturday and sitting in the petting zoo with the goats and calves, i've decided i definitely want a farm, and i want to start building it with a jersey cow or two. sugar was the name of the jersey cow i met on saturday but she was too anxious, bobbing and skitting around the pen, to let anyone too close. she was beautiful--big eyes and long eyelashes, creamy tan with some white points. since i couldn't cozy up beside her, i joyfully nestled in the straw with jazzi, and she seemed to like having me there.

i don't usually post pictures of myself but darn it, jazzi is just so cute.

i've wanted a farm for some time now and sitting with the calves and touching noses with the goats (just call me the goat whisperer) only confirmed the desire. i love the idea of pulling on my rubber boots for chores like mucking the barn, collecting eggs, rounding up the cows, or sheering the sheep.

city life is fun and i like the conveniences it offers, especially with san francisco being so close, but when i'm home on the ohio farm or out in the countryside, i find myself longing for that emotional and physical freedom--the fresh air, the rolling hills, the sounds, the spike in my creative mind.

maybe someday.
maybe someday.

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