Wednesday, July 9, 2014

swoon city--population: me.

wedding wednesday
volume 5  |  chapter 7

i was searching my gmail for a very particular note when i came across this one from my then-to-be husband. my heart leaped with glee and i felt newly-engaged again reading through it and remembering everything going on at that time. life was exciting and busy and thrilling and full of promise. 
sent on—
september 10, 2013
subject line—
october 13th, 32 days from now
we wake up on a sunday together.kinda cool. first chance to worship together as an us.thinking of going alone with you to a service.
wouldn't it be cool to walk through market square the morning after our wedding.*
i remember the rush of feelings from that last month before our wedding day. there was anticipation and loads of emotion and a complete lack of anxiety and fear. and i loved that my guy was full of the same anticipation, too. 

images courtesy of trrphoto

now we're only a few months away from being married a year and we'll get to celebrate that glorious day in paris, france. my heart is bursting. 

*we didn't walk through market square the day after our wedding after church; it was raining too hard. we mad-dashed back to our hotel. 

p.s. it's been a long time since i've written regularly--only a few posts here and there, shucks. life and school have taken a lot of my time. too much, really. i miss the blog and my readers! 

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