Friday, July 11, 2014

weekend--time to breathe.


it's the weekend. and i only have to get through today and then i can leap for joy, get some sleep, go on a date with my man, a run, squeeze in some yoga, and maybe even eat some ice cream. gosh, i'd love to bake a cake or cookies, too. 

i'm shooting straight over to berkeley bowl after work for beets and cherries. yum. superfoods! then it's to mission bowling club in san francisco with the interns and then burritos in the mission. i'll take my burrito to go because i have to get home and on the phone with my big brother--he's going to help me out with my midterm assignment. he's in ohio (his timezone is 3 hours ahead of me in california) and studying for the bar exam--and he's still taking time to help out his little sis. not sure how he does it all. his plate is always overflowing with projects and stuff. (in the pictures below: i'm hugging him in the top photo; he's on the far left in the second photo.) it's good to have brothers, especially big ones that can swallow you up in hugs. 

i hope your weekend is delightful in every way.

hugs and love,

images courtesy of trrphoto

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