Tuesday, July 15, 2014

j.crew emailed me this morning--

which is nothing new. j.crew sends me at least one email a day announcing a new find or sale. but this email was different. it was one i was hoping to find in my inbox. they emailed me to tell me my review for their point sur hightower jean in epic wash was live on their site. 

what?! i gasped at the email like it was my professor praising me for a written assignment. j.crew went on to tell me they found what i wrote to be super helpful and thought other shoppers would, too. 

my review ended up like this, after 4 drafts and a few weeks of mulling ideas of how i wanted it to sound:
j.crew denim has never failed me-- 
wash. epic.
waist. high.
legs. skinny.
stars. five. 
over the last couple years i've been searching for a lighter wash to pair with my vintage tees and saturday sweatshirts. (i want to preserve my perfectly dark denim for delicate silk blouses and gorgeous merino wool sweaters.) i had specific requirements for this jean: no rips or tears; no fading; no patches. i tried on pair after pair over the course of time before j.crew released the point sur hightower jean in epic wash.  
my denim life has forever been altered. 
i've lived in these high-waisted, 70s-inspired, slimming and curve-defining jeans since that large brown envelope with j.crew stamped in bold black showed up in my mailroom. and i haven't looked back--except in the mirror, from time to time. (seriously, these jeans are incredibly flattering. the high waist cinches in my middle and brags about my curves.) 
j.crew denim has never failed me. 
images courtesy of jcrew.com

unlike other retailers, the j.crew staff reads the submitted reviews before posting them and they have a list of general guidelines, e.g., don't mention cost or customer service. sure, these guidelines lean in their favour but for someone like me who is an avid j.crew fan and customer, the process is exhilarating and motivating to dedicate time and thought to what i'm going to say. i wanted to tell a story in my review and not just rattle off praises about the fabric or cut or to j.crew as a whole--i'll leave that to other customers. 

will my [over-thought] review score me a job in their copy department? probably not. gosh, that would be quite a dream, one i've never dared but i think about it every time a j.crew stylebook shows up in my mailbox. but it was good writing practice nonetheless. and now it's on their site. i'm shamelessly smiley over it. 

in all honesty, my favourite pair of jeans. they're priced a little high but worth every penny [to me]. 

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