Tuesday, July 15, 2014

lakeside vs. oceanside--what's your preference?

i'm not much of a beach person. i get bored easily, have a hard time being without access to a bathroom, and become quickly irritated by the sand and mess of it. on the rare occasion when i can relax on the beach, my mind begins to wander and relax and i get ideas and want to write them down and long for my laptop which is miles away.

then again, what is summer without a trip to beaches of velvety soft white sand and water so blue the sky fades into it? caftan and all, emerson fry's images below are stirring up my desire to sit on the beach [for 5 minutes] and feel the summer sun gently toasting my skin.

  images courtesy of emersonfry.com

growing up, summers were spent at the city pool or lakeside at the family cottage in michigan. lakeside is my preferred way to spend a summer week. the lake water is cool and fresh. the bathroom is clean and only a few steps away. my laptop is inside but easily accessible for those burning ideas that i don't want to forget. sand is across the lake at the dunes and it's hot, buttery soft, and gets everywhere, perfect for an hour or two trekking with the babies and kids. best of all, it's quiet. chaos is minimal, and i'm surrounded by my favourite people--family.

where do you prefer--lakeside, poolside, or oceanside--to spend your summer vacation?

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