Wednesday, July 16, 2014

super cute j.crew bride.

wedding wednesday
volume 5  |  chapter 8

karley, the bride, is wearing j.crew on her wedding day. good for her. she's also the ceo's executive assistant at j.crew's corporate offices. dang. kinda want that job. her relaxed look for the 2-day affair was right in line with the casual-chic elegance j.crew has become known for over the last few years and she's lovely and appears comfortable. (mega important to be comfortable on the biggest day of your life.)

images courtesy of refinery29
"we wanted the actual ceremony to be just us and about just us, so our only witnesses were our photographers. it was a really easy, peaceful day--we weren't nervous about anything or anyone, and [we] were able to focus completely on each other and on the commitment we were making.
"it is cliche to say, but go with what you feel comfortable and beautiful in. for the celebration dinner, i wanted something in all white to signify i was the 'bride,' but it was a party at a french bistro in brooklyn, so i also wanted something fun and not too dressy. i had a small, white m monogrammed on my white t-shirt, which was a nod to my new last name. 
"my ultimate wedding 'do': marry the person who brings out the best in you. my ultimate wedding 'don't': don't bow to pressure from anyone else about what you and your fiance want from your wedding day.

sage advice and i couldn't agree more. there's no reason to feel bad or guilty for being selfish on your wedding day. it's a big day and one of the most important ones you'll experience in your life so go ahead, make it what you want it to be because looking back, you won't want any regrets. 

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