Wednesday, April 28, 2010

have a seat.

my maternal grandparents (robert kuhn and ruth sylvia mautz) were people of style and class. their polished taste has become the standard for me (and my sister) in most areas of interior design and style. 

the bertoia bird chair of 1952 was a permanent fixture in their living room and before they passed away they granted it to me. my chair and matching ottoman are a fantastic shade of green and currently holed up in the attic back home in ohio until i have a place for it. i love the chair--not only is it stylish for being so modern in the 1950s but it holds in its fibres years of nostalgia. when i see, it i'm carried back to days of my youth when we visited my grandparents in their ann arbor, michigan home. it's a classic. just like they were.

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