Friday, April 23, 2010

the weekend: go forth and serve.


it's the weekend! but i'm a little troubled.

my dilemma: what does one do on a weekend that feels like most other days? with unemployment currently my professional status, i've had some days to fill and most days feel like a weekend. i can sleep in. i can stay up late. i can hang out with friends and eat creamy rose and pistachio ice cream from ici's and window shop in berkeley--in the middle of the day. i'm making the most of having my days free and my energy level is higher. good stuff.

so i'm putting my extra energy toward volunteering with others from my church for the organization rebuilding together. i'm excited to get my hands dirty to the benefit of others.

i think it may be time to start my evening sunday walks around the lake with old bread and popcorn for the ducks and my camera in hand. i love the ducks.

enjoy your weekend, lovelies!

love truly,
katie kate
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