Wednesday, May 5, 2010

i would like to have--

  • a black-nosed sheep, an angora goat, and a white duck,
  • acres and acres of lilacs and peonies and a field of tulips,
  • a pet black rhinoceros,
  • a wall of calendars,
  • an antique grandfather clock;
  • a horse to ride in the afternoon,
  • land to explore and woods for hide-and-seek,
  • a library of first editions and rare finds,
  • a honeycrisp and nittany apple tree in my backyard,
  • a paid-for shopping spree at design within reach,
  • bi-rite creamery delivered every monday afternoon and croissants from tartine delivered every morning,
  • my own letterpress and all the tools and space to use it.
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