Wednesday, July 14, 2010

apartment therapy oakland?

a friend of mine that recently visited my tiny studio apartment for the first time, paid me the compliment of suggesting i have some photos taken and submit it to apartment therapy. wow--that may be the nicest thing he's ever said to me! out of curiousity, i stopped by the san francisco apartment therapy website and found this listing: katie's flea market fabulous small space. (it's cute but i think mine is far more adorable. -wink-)

image courtesy of

i don't know this katie but, like her, when i was searching for my own place, i wasn't interested in anything "generic" or "cookie-cutter." i always knew when i walked in the front door i'd know it was the space for me and my studio is. i've been here for almost a year now and the love affair with my apartment grows every day.

i don't know if my apartment could ever make it to the web pages of apartment therapy but my friend's encouraging words has me wanting to try. if nothing else, i'll post them here like many of you have asked already.

or maybe i should submit to be one of their new bloggers. that would be a fun side job.
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