Monday, July 12, 2010

dreaming of a country house.

robert redford and his genius staff at sundance have done it again. flipping through their new catalogue i'm making a birthday wishlist for my someday country house. (looking at these price tags, my wishlist will probably carry for the next couple birthdays. and the country house? that's way into the future.)

i'd start with the vineyard picnic table and dress it up with the lemonade crock. the flatware is classic for a country picnic and the stools keep it easy and portable.

image courtesy of

i'm taken with the carvings and weathered wood of the wood block sideboard and think the plum jar lamp would go nicely atop--in my hallway, of course.

let's not forget the kitchen--my favourite room in the house. the astrid dinnerware is both whimsical and practical and could serve easily for any meal. and being the tumbler-lover that i am, i was instantly drawn to the rain tumblers and their cottage appeal. for those dark nights looking out over the lake, i'd light the blown glass hurricanes and watch the flames flicker in the storm.

all lovely. all a dream.
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