Sunday, August 8, 2010

i just watched--

julie & julia starring meryl streep and amy adams
written and directed by nora ephron

one would imagine that after watching this delightful film about two women's love for cooking i would be inspired to march into my kitchen and crack open the first cookbook i could get my hands on. that is not entirely the case. while i'm tempted to purchase the famous cookbook by julia child (mastering the art of french cooking, vol 1) and try my hand at french food, i'm more inspired to wrangle up my aimless thoughts and write.

for me, the beauty behind this story lies in the relationship of julie and her husband. i enjoyed watching the development of their characters in the collective sense of husband and wife. i loved how he encouraged and supported her to do the blog-thing. i even loved seeing how it brought a wall between the two of them. but most of all, i loved her apology via blog post and then phone call to his work phone and then coming around the corner from the market and seeing him there. and then he had her back the rest of the way. that is a real relationship.

great movie. great story. i highly recommend it. bon appetit!

do any of you have the famous cookbook?
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