Tuesday, September 14, 2010

from the tub, with love.

i spotted the etsy seller, pink bathtub, from a facebook advertisement--go figure. her work is whimsical, classy, and simply cute. from notecards--printed with a greeting or blank to stimulate your own thoughts--to gift tags to recipe cards and more, i'm a fan.

images courtesy of etsy.com

i especially love the stockpot recipe cards. perfect for the stews and soups of fall. the black cat halloween notecard is pretty cute, too.

seeing gift tags like the bird cage makes me want to throw a party and make the gift and tag the invitation. how fun that could be! or even using one of the recipe cards as the invitation. i think a party definitely needs planned.

i try to send notecards whenever i can and for any reason to keep the art and love of the mailbox alive. it's a wonderful thing.
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