Sunday, September 12, 2010

smitten: decorative owls.

somewhere along the line in my road to being an adult, i developed an affection for decorative owls.

before placing it--mindlessly--on a sun-drenched windowsill, i once had a handsome reddish-brown owl candle. i loved that candle. for my birthday this year, my dear friend, ss, surprised me with a set of silver owl bookends. when i moved into my delightful current apartment a year ago, my charming friend, klr, posted these adorable owl salt and pepper shakers on her blog and i was green with envy. a few days later they came to me in the mail as a sweet housewarming gift. they're perched on my kitchen windowsill and smile at me--every day. today i came upon these wonderfully plump, copper-finished paperweights and i'm smitten.

image courtesy of

there's something incredibly mysterious and beautiful about the owl. late at night in the woods i can hear them hoo-ing and i stop to listen. their sound is mesmerizing. 

i wonder how an owl would do as a pet. it worked for harry potter.
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