Thursday, September 16, 2010

someday, i'll do.

weddings make me swoon--and giggle and cry (tears of joy, of course). and like the million ideas i have in my head for my someday exposed brick loft and someday cottage in the woods, i have that many for my someday wedding.

sites like 100 layer cake and once wed send my imagination twirling and fill my mind with images from other weddings. occasionally, i'll see an idea i once harboured show up in a post and for a moment i'm excited. it's as if the wedding couple has given me their creative stamp of approval--e'en though we're perfect strangers. however, my joy is short-lived: my idea is no longer original. (maybe it never was but in my perfect naive world it was all mine.) luckily, weddings these days are so far from the traditional that one can do anything she wishes. and that is the most exciting bit.

images courtesy of

sometimes i wonder if the people in these pictures are real. it all looks so ethereal and glamourous. especially the doughnuts, which i love. a stack of doughnuts instead of a formal wedding cake? yes, please!

note: the pictures borrowed from 100 layer cake are from different wedding celebrations.
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