Friday, September 24, 2010

weekend glee.

do you ever have those days when you're just gleefully happy for a million reasons but you can't place your finger on the exact one? that's how i'm feeling today. i'm all smiles. the fact there are only a few hours left in my work day definitely add to the glee.


while i'm typing this weekend letter, i'm munching on a red plum, red onion, goat cheese, pecan salad on a bed of spinach with olive oil and white balsamic vinegar. more glee. delicious glee.

tonight i venture into the city to send farewell wishes to a friend as she heads to the big apple for a new job. while i'm there, i'll probably stop by bi-rite creamery or bob's doughnuts for a late night snack. or maybe i'll indulge and do both!

saturday's are always full of possibilities: go to the gym, giant book sale, the smithsonian sponsored museum day, farmers market in the san francisco ferry building with friends, college football lineup on the telly. we'll see where i spend the day. in the evening i'll tune in for the general relief society broadcast.

on sunday i'll head out to orinda for an indian summer bbq sponsored by some friends at work. it'll be warm. it'll be toasty. but there will be homemade ice cream and little ones.

so much fun. happy weekend!

love truly,
katie kate
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