Wednesday, October 20, 2010

hello! you're lucky--

wedding wednesday
volume 1  |  chapter 2

i love these letterpress wedding announcements/invitations from hello!lucky.

images courtesy of

letterpress is everywhere these days and for every occasion. i do like the way it looks but all the hub-bub turns me off a little. i appreciate hello!lucky's explanation of the letterpress history and process. it eliminates the trend factor and returns it to its artsy and classy roots. their explanation also clarifies why letterpress is so expensive. i do love the art of it. 

what about you? think you'll do letterpress when your big day hits? 

their name, hello!lucky, makes me giggle. it's like the sender is saying hello! and the card recipient is thinking how lucky s/he is to receive such a note. very sweet. 

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