Wednesday, October 6, 2010

hermione, the hand-stitched rhinoceros head.

i am all smiles, thanks to twig & thistle. kathleen (the author of twig & thistle) revealed her etsy crush and now i share it: planet fur. i mean, come on, how can one not instantly fall in love with the adorable hand-stitched animal heads? hang them on a doorknob or on the wall--anywhere that needs a little happy.

hermione, my favourite, the rhinoceros, named after the creator's encouraging aunt, likes to throw parties, as you may have guessed from the vibrant red party hat.

images courtesy of

marlous, the genius behind planet fur, lives in the netherlands with her husband, two rabbits and cat. each animal head is hand-stitched of woolfelt, a renewable and environmentally-friendly resource.

on a personal note, my rhinoceros (someday pet!) is named violet.
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