Sunday, October 10, 2010

i just watched--

the boys are back starring clive owen
written by simon carr (novel), allan cubitt (adaptation)
directed by scott hicks

the movie opens with a camera tight on clive owens as he's driving on the beach, much to the dismay of the beachgoers, who he tries to calm by telling them everything is ok. a minute or two later, the screen opens up and the viewer sees a little boy--squealing in delight--sitting on the hood of the range rover as it cruises along the sand and dips into the shallow surf.

there's a bit of voiceover narration as the story of a man who becomes a single father through tragic circumstances and builds his family is told.

the closing scenes are magnificent: one man writing on his laptop smiling at the two boys on the couch being kissed and licked by two big black dogs.

great great movie.
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