Thursday, October 21, 2010

it's been a YEAR--

since i returned to blogspot to write violet & earnest and pretty things. and a fun year at that.

as i skipped along memory lane today reading through blog posts, it was fun and interesting to see how visually the blog has changed and also as a writer how i've changed. good stuff.

your comments and suggestions are always welcome and i appreciate it when you stop by for a visit. keep coming!

today, i thought i'd gather a handful of my favourite posts: toast / let there be light / lofty dream / flock art / more places to sit / scenes from bucks county / dresses for someday / dear mother / animal photo-opviolet and earnest, close up / little lamb will follow / hermione, the hand-stitched rhinoceros head / tape tape / audrey hepburn

happy 1st birthday violet & earnest and pretty things! i think i'll go find myself a piece of 4-layer chocolate cake oozing with frosting to celebrate.
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