Thursday, October 28, 2010

new york landmark, chelsea hotel, for sale.

oh man oh man--if i was in the property business, i'd have thought i died and went to heaven. the 1883 classic chelsea hotel in new york is up for grabs.

i like what spokesman loren riegelhaupt said:
"the history itself makes the hotel what it is. anybody who's going to be looking to buy the chelsea knows that the chelsea is the chelsea, and there's nothing you want to do to change what the chelsea is."
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if i was ever able to buy such a landmark, i'd restore it to maintain it's charm. i wouldn't give it a facelift but i'd definitely do a deep cleanse. what a beauty. and as such a landmark one just wouldn't want to overhaul the property rendering it unrecognizable. no way. the beauty of ancient buildings like the chelsea hotel is written on the walls and if those walls could talk, oh boy, what stories they would tell.

it's fun daydreaming about owning a property like this and how i'd restore it.
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