Friday, October 15, 2010

weekend dreams.


while there's little on my social calendar for this weekend, i plan on doing a whole lot of daydreaming and maybe, just maybe, some planning to make those daydreams come true. last sunday i spent the warm sunny afternoon scrolling through houses/property for sale in northern michigan. i came upon this wonder and this one--both a little outlandish for a single gal. after a few other links and a nap, i was led home to this little country joy and my heart was stolen from me. since then i've been off in la-la-land--imagining my life in the tippy top countryside of michigan. (i really shouldn't let myself get carried like this.)

i can't keep my head in the clouds all weekend long. i'm meeting some friends at the san francisco food bank saturday morning for some service and then the movie, social network, with the girls.

now that violet and earnest have been put in true character form, my mind is full of ideas for their love tale. i'd really like to get some words down and try to make sense of the sprawling run-on sentences in my head.

ya know what else i'd really love? to spend some time in the kitchen. my seasonal cooking itch is confused by the warm temperatures--i need a pot on the stove and a wooden stirring spoon in hand! warm weather, go away. bring me the misty gray days of fall.

happy weekend to you!

love truly,
katie kate
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