Friday, October 8, 2010

weekend for you. weekend for me.


the weekend has come at last and i'm ready.

tonight i'm heading to berkeley for deep-dish pizza with the girls. yumm-y. (come visit and i'll take you there.) tomorrow i'll swing by my friend's house to feed/water/play with his cats, hang poolside, watch some football, and write my lesson. sunday i plan on catching up on rest and more cat time. i may need to bake some chocolate chip cookies, too. i love easy weekends.

also on saturday, the east bay spca is teaming up with anthropologie to get the word out that october is "adopt-a-dog" month. even though i'm not in the market for a pet (not 'til january 2011) i may stop by. i mean, how can i not? i love pets and want one and i love anthropologie (and i love anthropologie even more that they're doing this--if that's possible). no-brainer. it most likely will be emotional suicide, though, seeing those puppies with their big eyes and wagging tails because i can't take all of them home with me but i'm willing to risk it in the name of love--of four-legged furry creatures. (even if i had the time and bandwidth for a dog my apartment wouldn't allow it. cats only.)

happy weekend to you!

love truly,
katie kate
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