Saturday, November 20, 2010

i just watched--

remember me starring robert pattinson and emilie de raven
written by will fetters
directed by allen coulter

the first time i watched this movie i sat in awe as the final credits rolled. the second time, tears fell down my cheeks during the last few minutes of the movie.

to be honest, i picked up this movie merely on a whim. a whim named robert pattinson because as much as i despise the mainstream valley girl trend of being in love with him, or rather, his character edward, there's something about this actor that gets to me; i wanted to see him outside his twilight saga character; see what he's really made of. this is what i came up with: he is a remarkable actor on the brink of his stardom. the twilight movies may have put him on the map but remember me defined him and extracted his true, uninhibited talent.

love. disgruntled son. tragedy. a family torn apart by heartbreak. a brother and sister relationship. this movie blew my mind. it has a sense of tangible reality to the very end and jerks at your emotions the whole way through. it builds you up and tears you down in minutes and then does it all over again.

truly one of the best movies i've seen in a long time and even better because i wasn't expecting it to be anything more than just filler.
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