Tuesday, January 4, 2011

to anew with you, 2011.

farewell, 2010.

you were a year of growth.
a time of much change.
a time of joy and laughter.
you were days full of sunshine and days of puddle-jumping.
days of gray skies. days of daydreaming.
you were nights of loneliness.
nights of stargazing. nights of sweet slumber.

farewell, 2010. you were a good year.
2011, you are welcome.

welcome to help me start anew.
welcome to permit me days of soberness.
welcome to remind me of my purpose.
welcome to help me rekindle passions, talents, relations and simplicity.
welcome to challenge me.
welcome to laugh with me. to cry with me.
welcome to share secrets with me.

2011, you are welcome.
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