Wednesday, January 5, 2011

katie and nate's wedding.

wedding wednesday
volume 2  |  chapter 1

i couldn't help myself but post a handful of pictures from katie and nate's wedding in the marin headlands. they're beautiful and tease of a jane austen (which i am high on after watching the a&e version of pride and prejudice while on holiday--mr. darcy--sigh) influence, mostly in the photo'ed moments, like the picture of katie and nate, hand in hand, heading up the foggy hillside. who needs to ride off into the sunset when you have the famous bay area fog?

images courtesy of

aren't all the different chairs at the tables fun? i especially love the contrast the high-back chair offers to it's neighbouring chairs.

it's also a fun post because i've been to the very spot and building they were married. as i scanned the post on i noticed the main hall where their ceremony was performed and i was excited because i recognized it! it's a fun, distant, personal connection. 
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