Friday, January 14, 2011

mlk, jr. holiday weekend.


dear friends, do you have monday off, too, for the martin luther king, jr holiday? how will you celebrate? will you hit the retail stores hard searching for great winter sales? will you hang out at home and catch up on movies? will you catch a double-feature matinee and stuff yourself silly with popcorn? will you hit the road and visit friends or family?

me? i'm sticking around town. i have several errands to run--one of which includes hitting up some retail stores--and loads of laundry and reading (i'm embarrassingly behind in jane eyre and i miss it!) and writing to do.

my weekend events probably don't sound very exciting but the lineup is exactly what i need; work has taken over my life since returning from the christmas holiday. urgh. but baby time on sunday and time with my girlie friends tonight will surely make up for it.

have a lovely lovely weekend.

love truly,
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