Saturday, January 22, 2011

quiz: what's your design style?

this is a fun quiz for a saturday afternoon: what's your design style? 

the quiz offers pictures versus word answers to determine your design style taste.

my results?
results: you most resemble an "antiquated espresso."
details: sytle* cues of fun and discovery abound.
suspected antiquated espresso: tom waits, humphrey bogart, katharine hepburn**.

i like my results and agree with them, especially those other suspected antiquated espresso style-likes. but i'm curious: what does it mean, exactly, that i'm an antiquated espresso? thoughts?

*sytle was the site's typo. both "style" and "subtle" could fit here.
**the site also misspelled katharine hepburn. they spelled katharine as kathryn. how embarrassing for them. don't worry, though, i sent them a feedback note on their site telling them of their spelling errors.
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