Friday, January 28, 2011

the weekend begins.


friends, what are you up to this weekend? tell me your plans.

after my morning workout tomorrow, i'm heading to the red cross for a blood donation and then on to mediterranean cuisine (think baked apple french toast; rice pudding; bread pudding; greek salad; scrambled eggs with spinach, pine nuts and tomatoes) brunch with a girlfriend. the rest of my afternoon will be spent dressing for and driving to a fancy bridal shower. we're supposed to wear a black slinky dress and heels to kingdom come--i only have the heels; i don't own a slinky black dress. heck, i don't even own a black dress! maybe i can find a quick fix at h&m today. wish me luck!

sunday will be regular--church in the morning and a quiet afternoon to read, nap, and bake--which will be nice after such a busy saturday. my homemade chocolate chip cookies from last sunday promoted me to office hero when i brought them in to share and requests have been made for more. yum.

happy weekend. happy friday!

love truly,
katie kate

update: i visited h&m during my lunch hour and found not a dress but a black silk belted jumpsuit--the pants are slim and hit right below the ankle; the sleeves are a short dolman and the neck is a wide-v, safety-pin required. a jumpsuit is not something i ever thought i'd wear, let alone own, but it fits with the fashion style of the bride-to-be and at h&m prices--no loss if i don't wear it again. 'though, i'm pretty sure i will. with my bobbed hair and bright-pink stained lips, i felt transformed when i tried it on. my excitement to wear it is building. it's a rockin' piece.
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