Wednesday, February 2, 2011

bits of old, new, borrowed and blue.

wedding wednesday
volume 2  |  chapter 13

i am bouncing out of my chair! the reserve of self-control i've been building against sweets has now been completely emptied due to the incredible news below and i wanted to shout it from the rooftops but had to schedule the post to go live first thing wedding wednesday morning instead of when i first heard the news which was last thursday. goodness--sitting on news this exciting is painful.

so, without further adieu, i ask the question: what would you do if anthropologie introduced a bridal line?

image courtesy of subscription email

my girl over at the nature of order shot me this link and when i clicked on it was i was swept away into a sea of white eyelet lace, buttons, bows, strappy straps, chiffon, ruffles, sequins, flowers, and sweet calm music played gently in the background. my friend whispered to me, "i guess it's anthro's bridal line." did you get that? anthropologie's bridal line. hello! it took me a bit to catch my breath and consider the concept--a bridal line from anthropologie. heavenly.
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