Friday, February 18, 2011

hooray for the weekend!


friends, it's the weekend! and if your week was anything like mine--long long long and busy--then you're just as excited as i am; maybe you're even jumping off the walls a bit.

it hardly seems fair that it's another long weekend but i'll take it. with the weather forecast being gray and cold and rainy--love it!--i plan on spending my presidential weekend reading (just started the graveyard book by neil gaiman; i finished jane eyre last weekend and loved it) and napping and maybe a few hours for some shopping. what are your plans for the weekend? reading anything noteworthy?

thanks for those of you that have voted in my very important poll. so far, the big furry dog and tall white duck are neck-in-neck for first place with the black rhino close on their tail. you still have time to cast your vote and help me decide what pet to bring home. the poll doesn't close 'til next friday. here are the standings:
black rhino  |  5 votes  |  31%
fluffy bunny  |  2 votes  |  12%
whistling turtle  |  3 votes  |  18%
musk ox  |  1 vote  |  6%
tall white duck  |  6 votes  |  37%
flock of chickens  |  0 votes  |  0%
big furry dog  |  6 votes  |  37%
obviously, i'm sad about the musk ox acquiring the heart and vote of only one person. and the poor chickens--doesn't anyone love chickens?

happy weekend to you and yours.

love truly,
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