Wednesday, February 9, 2011

luxury bridal gowns by jenny packham.

wedding wednesday
volume 2  |  chapter 18

exquisite gowns by jenny packham. i found most of her gowns to be pretty bridal-standard but these four sang out to me. with their extras--beaded armour-like shoulders, layers and cascading ruffles, clean lines with a large bow, and forties-style beading--i could build a dream for each one.

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i'd wear ariadne as i was gracefully sweeping across a green hillside dotted with tulips repeatedly looking over my shoulder with a look of flirtatious exclaim and awe. 

i'd wear eden in an old forties dining theatre as the headlining act, microphone in my hand, red lips and my hair meticulously coiffed with finger waves.

apartment 34 spotlights a few other lovelies.
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