Thursday, February 3, 2011

weekend weekend!

my weekend starts today--in a matter of hours--and doesn't end 'til the stroke of midnight monday.


i'm leaving the office in just a little bit to catch a flight to the great state of washington where my brother and his adorable family will spoil me all weekend with homemade bread, ice cream sundaes (please oh please oh please!), hot tub fun, house-hunting, and any number of other adventures. i can't wait.

ellen and james

cutie pies, aren't they? try not to be jealous, will you? and they're as amusing and funny as they are cute. wouldn't you love to spend a 4-day weekend with them, too?

so what are you up to this weekend, friends? tell me all your plans. and 'til my return next week, happy weekend-ing.

love truly,
katie kate

p.s. ellen is the little one in my piece the little one and the apple.
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