Friday, February 25, 2011

wonderfully rainy weekend.


the rain keeps coming and the winds are picking up and it's beautiful. there are puddles dotting the streets and sidewalks and i wanna skip work and puddle jump in my navy rain boots and poncho. the rain makes me twinkle and skip along with added joy in my step.

i haven't any weekend responsibilities (i love when that happens) so my plans are much of the same, quiet--time to read and nap, a long morning workout at the gym, writing (this rain and gray weather mixed with the national's albums boxer and high violet on repeat is all very inspiring), and other personal administrative upkeep. i'd like to catch a movie in the theatre or walk a long trail in the hills or try a new restaurant.

what are you up to this weekend? discovering a new antique store? cooking up a new recipe? exploring your child's creative side? whatever it is, i hope it's your kind of wonderful.

on a non-weekend-related note, thanks to all of you that voted on the poll helping me decide what kind of pet i should adopt. and now, the final results:
black rhino  |  4 votes  |  20%
fluffy bunny  |  4 votes  |  20%
whistling turtle  |  3 votes  |  15%
musk ox  |  1 vote  |  5%
tall white duck  |  8 votes  |  40%
flock of chickens  |  2 votes  |  10%
big furry dog  |  8 votes  |  40%
i continue to be surprised at the number of votes for the tall white duck who, should i adopt, will be a male and named earnest. i do believe he and the big furry dog will become great friends. i think i have my mother to thank for the musk ox vote and she volunteered to house him if she could have the underlying wool. i'm saddened by the lack of votes for the black rhino who, of all the animals listed, is my top choice and dream. i would adopt a female and her name would be violet. thanks again; this was fun. i'll keep you posted on the adoption process. in the meantime, if you have a poll idea, i'd love to hear it!

happy weekend!

love truly,
katie kate
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