Friday, March 4, 2011

bunny love.

there are just too many animals tugging at my heart strings to be made into pets, my pets, so i've reopened the bunny file, with the help of the daily bunny. i mean, look at these guys! my love-o'-meter is wigging out.

i should adopt a bunny.

and i'm thinking long-term. bunnies live up to 17 years and i think they'd settle right in with a white duck and violet rhino, as long as bunny had v.i.p. access to my lap to cuddle up and snuggle up. too much cuteness.

images courtesy of

photos by kate, this is henry james bunman  /  by kate, henry james bunman is a lionhead  /  by rhonda  /  by nick  /  by skullofsilver  /  by elizabeth

every day is one day closer to my someday dream of an assorted collection of pets to have and to hold, and to love. i'll start out small and work my way up to the larger animals--the rhino, musk ox.

i'm curious, what's your dream pet?
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