Tuesday, March 22, 2011

jane austen vs. charlotte bronte.

elizabeth bennet vs. jane eyre
mr. darcy vs. mr. rochester
pemberly vs. thornfield
pride & prejudice vs. jane eyre

after seeing the newest version of charlotte bronte's jane eyre (excellent film; beautiful; all the main elements to the story were there but some key parts were missing, much to my dismay) put to the big screen, i wondered:

  1. who was the more compelling female character? jane eyre. i can relate to her character and the way her emotions lift her up and then drop her and carry her away--an emotional rollercoaster of unrequited love. (how hard is it to think one loves you when no one has ever loved you before? how hard is it to think one could love you as much as you love him? and how hard is it to love or assume love when love wasn't returned in times passed?)
  2. who was the more dashing male character? mr darcy mr. darcy mr. darcy; 'though mr. rochester isn't far behind.
  3. which residence was more grand? pemberley. i do love the stately castle appearance of thornfield, especially post-fire. both have beautiful gardens and remarkable lands.
  4. which novel generated a stronger stir within me? jane eyre

what are your answers? tell me in a comment below and cast your vote in the poll.

my preferred movie/miniseries version of jane eyre is that of masterpiece theatre 2006.
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