Wednesday, March 2, 2011

wedding photo mix.

wedding wednesday
volume 2  |  chapter 24

sweet sweet wonderful wedded bliss photos from ruffled:

diy australian wedding: love her dress. love her head adornment.

 salt lake city wedding: the mix of gentle florals are so pretty and delicate.

woodsy winter wedding: i love this picture! the heavy skies. the bleak scenery. the dark winding road that looks like it falls off the edge of the earth. the couple shines.

 vintage city hall wedding: glowing silhouettes. old school glam.

 virginia vineyard wedding: love the weighed down look of the flowers and the open, welcoming doors and the fuzzy lighting in the photos. the red convertible driving off is classic and dreamy. 

indie australian wedding: i just think they're cute--him in his suspenders and cap and her with her layered pearls and translucent porcelain skin. the guys on the rock in their suspenders hanging out and being all chummy is awesome.

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