Friday, March 25, 2011

weekend weekend!

we survived another week.


does anyone else feel like the weeks, since daylight savings time came upon us, have been at least a day longer? thursday has been feeling like it should be friday and monday is just a tough day to get through; then wednesday seems like thursday which gets me excited because thursday is almost to friday. what a mess. it's getting harder and harder to get out of bed in the morning.

there isn't much going on for me this weekend and i'm okay with that (it was a busy and high-energy week at work and socially; i'm ready for some downtime). there's the usual weekend stuff--the gym (saturday mornings at the gym just became more interesting with a gym crush--yeah, i saw him making eyes at me), crank out some writing (i have a couple "untitled" chapters almost ready to post), a nap or two, maybe a movie--and then some extras--a 1:1 session at the apple store on saturday, finishing up my sunday school lesson, and a dinner party on sunday (i'm making my mom's wonderful black bean soup). a good little mix of social and alone time. what are you up to?

don't forget to vote on the jane austen vs. charlotte bronte poll (top of the right column) and share your thoughts on your favourites here. i'm dying of curiousity. as for the poll, so far jane eyre is beating out pride & prejudice, 4:1.

we continue to get poured on and slapped around with rain. not even a mad dash to the car or door decked out in a poncho and wellingtons with an umbrella can protect you. it's kinda awesome. happy weekend to you!

love truly,
katie kate
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