Friday, April 1, 2011

it's the weekend--no joke!


it's the weekend and that's no april fools' joke. thank goodness. what a week!

are you as excited about your first weekend in april as i am? i'm spending the weekend with family (mr. center and sports-center) against the backdrop of the utah rocky mountains. jealous? we'll eat a ton, play hard, eat some more, and watch general conference. i love general conference! it's the time of year when life goes on pause so i can take in the words of my church leaders. it's wonderful.

the jane austen vs. charlotte bronte poll is officially closed and, much to my liking, jane eyre came out on top against pride & prejudice, 6:1; the swooning was shared equally between mr. darcy and mr. rochester, 2:2 (was that as tough for you as it was for me); and pemberley beat out thornfield as the more stately residence, 3:2. this was a fun poll. any final thoughts?

i hope you all have a wonderful weekend. many of us are welcoming springtime (i love spring mornings--birds chirping, the calm in the air, the cool air) while there are a few areas with threats of snowstorms (i do love snowstorms).

love truly,
katie kate
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