Wednesday, April 13, 2011

post-ceremony stolen moment--

wedding wednesday
volume 2  |  chapter 37

if this is a wedding photo or just a lovely date, i do not know; it made my heart leap and so i had to share it with you. if it was part of a wedding, it makes me think that perhaps the couple wanted to steal away and revel in the moments that had passed. the moments sealing them together forever. the moments of looking deep into each other's eyes and promising to be true. the quiet moments at the start of their new life together.

tumblr source forgotten; please let me know if you know of the source

the couple pictured above reminds me of the younger couple in this debeers diamond advertisement. i think it's sweet how the young lovers are inspired by the older pair to latch hands and it seems there's a sense of longing and reverence in the younger lady's glance back at the adorable older couple.

isn't love grand?
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