Friday, September 23, 2011

let's roadtrip!

this stuffed-to-the-brim 4x4 wagoneer has me itchin' for a roadtrip--me wanting to get outta dodge shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone reading my posts this week; wednesday i spoke to eloping and yesterday i wanted to be drifting in a canoe somewhere. i don't want a planned destination. i just wanna drive and stop at cheap motels along the way and find fresh water for afternoon swims, maybe find an apple orchard to pick a bushel or two. who's with me? it would be such a fun way to the spend the first official weekend of fall.

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requirements for a good and fun, i.e., successful, roadtrip:
  • awesome music with classics for singing at the top of our lungs 
  • canteens of water
  • games like looking for double digits and letters on license plates or highway bingo
  • comfy jeans and t-shirts
  • camera and binoculars
  • snacks like apple slices, cheetos, gummi bears, pb+j sandwiches
  • quarters for sightseeing posts at viewpoints and overlooks
  • car charger for phones and music players
what else? 
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