Tuesday, January 10, 2012

how paris does the apple store.

paris is still on the brain and i'm not to blame this time. i was taking a break from the 3.30p work doldrums and came across this blog post from this is glamorous: the apple store in paris. take a deep breath--it's magnificent and glamourous with it's ornate decor mixed with the modern simplicity apple is so famous for.

images courtesy of citified.blogspot.com

amazing, right? it's like the set of what an opera about apple would look like. i imagine men in tuxedos with ladies dressed in fur and gowns of sequins floating down the stairs with iphones and ipods. the ladies would toss their perfectly coiffed hair back as their mouths would open in a gentle laugh or quiet burst of astonishment at whatever the man of whom their arms were interlocked with at the elbow was showing them on the iphone or ipod. it's all quite ridiculous, really. but lovely, too.
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