Friday, March 16, 2012

rained out weekend.


the weekend is here! at last. was it a tough week for you, too? most morning it was hard to get out of bed and i not only blame the shift in time but also the fact it's been raining every day. when i hear the rain, i just wanna dig deeper into my comfy bed and sleep and sleep and sleep.

so what to do on a rained out weekend? puddle jump, look for rainbows, stare out the window and count all the black umbrellas, sit by the fire with your legs propped up and read, make stew, and watch lord of the rings. i think that sounds pretty swell and perhaps i'll put it into [partial] action. i'll toss a nap or two in there, as well. could be great.

tell me your plans. are you celebrating st. patrick's day? the only way i can imagine celebrating is by eating green ice cream. sound good? yeah, so come on over. i have plenty of spoons.

happy weekend!

love truly,
katie kate

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