Friday, July 20, 2012

two shows this weekend.


tonight: les miserables, preceded by dinner at lemongrass, our favourite thai restaurant.

tomorrow: the dark knight rises. i'm too old for midnight showings and don't want to pay full price or deal with evening crowds so we're going in the middle of the day.

my guy's been talking about les miserables since christmas. when his birthday came around, it dawned on me that tickets would be a great gift and i was right. he was stoked and now, finally, after a few months of staring at them and making sure we didn't lose them, it's curtain-time.

i've been looking forward to the dark knight rises for, well, ever, honestly. i'm a big batman fan and i'm certain it will be a fantastic movie. (the phone call from my youngest brother last night further justified my assumption.)

tomorrow is supposed to be warm in the city and we've been wanting to explore the shops and eateries in the fillmore neighbourhood. i can't wait to uncover some new favourites. then i'll need to finish up my talk for sunday. i've decided it's more difficult to come up on a topic than to be assigned one. i have so many ideas and not enough time since i was given the assignment only on wednesday (nn!).

what are you up to this weekend?

love truly,
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