Tuesday, August 21, 2012

i just watched--

la vie en rose starring marion cotillard
directed by olivier dahan
written by olivier dahan and isabelle sobelman

the life story of french singer edith piaf. she had a dark life, full of horrors in her childhood years (being torn from her street-singing mother by her circus-performing father; dropped at a brothel; taken from there and ending up singing in the streets herself to earn money for food until she was discovered); moving into adulthood and on to death, she racked her body with drugs and booze.

the music was quite thrilling, and, while not her prettiest or most glamourous role, marion cotillard was a perfect portrayal. english subtitles flashed across the bottom of the picture for those that don't speak fluent french but it was too gritty for my liking and i nearly turned it off several times. curiousity won out in the end.

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